Sufism an Introduction

Spirituality has always been a subject of interest for man. It is known by different names in different circles, for instance, mysticism, meditation, Sufism, etc. For the last several thousand years great activities have been continuing on the spiritual front. But so far, these activities have not yielded any real benefit, in spite of every effort. What man has achieved is only ecstasy at the unconscious level, instead of spiritual development, which was the actual goal of these activities.

For ages people have believed that the human mind is the centre of thinking, while the human heart is the centre of feelings and emotions. That is why man has always believed in heart-based spirituality. Hence, a spiritual philosophy has been formed on the basis of this supposition. The belief has developed that the human heart is a source of spirituality and, by awakening this latent source in the heart, spirituality can be attained.

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