Paradise as the Goal
To determine the purpose of life is, in short, the effort to make life meaningful. It must surely be in accordance with man’s unique status, which leads man on the path to success and progress in his true nature. According to Islam, Paradise is the goal of every human being. Moreover, the purpose of life is to make yourself a deserving candidate for Paradise. Can we say that spirituality is a powerful tool for managing stress? Yes. It is the mind that is the source of both joy and sorrow. So, when you rid yourself of your negativity by applying your intellect, you become free of tension. Tension results from moral unawareness, and we can have a tension-free life simply by creating proper awareness regarding our situation. Accumulation of wealth is not the purpose of life. Similarly, attaining political supremacy is not the goal of the Islamic message. It is against the Divine plan that a community should make the attainment of political dominance its sole purpose and then strive to realise this objective.

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