Lailat al-Qadr and Itikaf

The prayer that Prophet Muhammad advised Aisha, represents the gist of life. Muslims think that staying awake an entire night would ensure finding the Night of Destiny. This is a far-fetched idea. A believer has to spend a lifetime to attain a prepared mind and then hope his prayer will be accepted by God.

According to another Hadith report, Prophet was in etkaaf (seclusion practices in the final phase of Ramazan), then he came out of Masjidan-Nabawi (Prophet’s mosque in Madinah) but went back again. He later told his Companions that an angel had come to pass on the knowledge about the Night of Destiny. When the Prophet came out to inform the believers, he saw two men quarrelling with each other. Instantly, the knowledge of the Night was taken away from the Prophet’s mind. This incident has a great lesson for the believers. The fight was not an armed battle; the two believers were merely arguing, but even fighting with words is enough to have the divine knowledge taken away. Those who adopt the path of suicide bombing and violence can never become the recipients of divine blessings.

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