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Every believer must be eager to guide other people. So, the first level of dawah work deals with intending to do so. It is known in the Islamic Shariah as niyah. Specifically, it means the individual intention to participate in the mission of dawah work. However, such intention is not just some kind of verbal repetition or lip service. It is a feeling which makes the heart tremble. Every believer should become restless and tremble on seeing others being misguided. This feeling should be of such intensity that, while thinking about it, tears should flood his eyes. Moreover, he should pray for the guidance of others while contemplating solitude. On the second level of dawah work, believers should take every precaution not to become a hindrance in dawah work. They will not act in such a way as to arouse in people’s hearts hatred or disgust for Islam, nor will they annoy the subject. They will entirely refrain from any such acts as will cause friction between the addresser and the addressee. They will take special care to conduct themselves in this way, even sacrificing their economic, national or political interests. On the third level, dawah is to be performed directly. Those who can present Islam through public speaking, writing or the modern means of communication should call upon people to accept the divine religion. They should try to address people’s minds by using arguments that make a powerful impression so that their addressees may leave the wrong path and come to accept true guidance.

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