Dars-e-Quran, Chapter 2, Verses 67-73
If you read the Quran, you will find that it deals with all subjects relating to human beings. However, the basic theme of the Quran is the Creation plan of God. All other subjects touched on by the Quran are directly or indirectly related to this basic theme. God Almighty created the universe, and it is God Almighty who revealed this book called Al-Quran. The primary purpose of the Quran is to reveal the divine plan according to which the world was created, and people were settled in it. This theme, which is central to the Quran, is thus described in chapter sixty-seven, Al-Mulk (The Kingdom): “He created death and life so that He might test you, and find out which of you is best in conduct.” (67:2) According to the Quran, God Almighty created an ideal world called Paradise. The present world — the planet earth — has all those things that man needs or desires. However, in this world, everything is imperfect in its form. In Paradise, on the other hand, everything will be perfect and ideal. Paradise will be free of every kind of limitation or disadvantage. Moreover, Paradise is an eternal world. Paradise has a beginning, but it has no end.

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