God and Man

What is Islam concept on merging oneself with God?

"'The concept of merging with God is not a right concept. The creature cannot merge with the Creator, because they are two different entities. The right thinking is that one should yearn to become spiritually, not physically, close to God. This kind of experience is quite possible. The method of attaining this is contemplation. When you read the scriptures and other relevant literature, also when you observe the world around, you will discover the Creator of the world. You will find the signs of the attributes of the Creator in nature and creation.

How can I find God?

You should become a true seeker but the most difficult job is to become a true seeker. People live in conditioning of different kinds and therefore are not able to make themselves a true seeker. Truth gives man the conviction to talk about it. The way I speak is because I have found the truth. Had I not found it, I would not have had the conviction to speak in this manner. Man discovers truth himself and not by way of someone else telling him about it.

Tell me, how may I find God?

Speaking Tree| TOI | April 2, 2011

If it were possible to discover Creation, then it is possible to discover the Creator as well. This is possible only through contemplation. French philosopher, Rene Descartes said, “I think, therefore I exist.” Following this dictum you can say, “I exist, therefore God also exists.

How should we thank God?

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

We should thank God by acknowledging the bounties He has bestowed on us. This acknowledgement is called shukr or gratefulness. God is the giver and we are the takers. It is the taker’s duty to acknowledge the giver. Acknowledgment is the only thing that is expected of you for all that God has given. One who fails to do this small act of thanksgiving has no right to enjoy the divine blessing.

Is it possible to find God?

Speaking Tree | TOI | May 8, 2011

God is our Creator and all the things we enjoy in this world are His Creation. You cannot see God, but you can see His Creation. God manifests himself through his Creation. It’s simple: when Creation exists, the Creator also exists. And who can be the Creator of this marvellous world, but God.

Do you think belief in the existence of God is human need?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

Yes. It’s a human urge to find out the higher truth, and the higher truth is nothing but the but the Creator of our world. Without finding the higher truth, no one can be satisfied. In that sense, God is the need of every human being; there is no doubt about it.

How can we feel the existence of God?

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

It is possible to feel God’s existence through intuition. Of late, science has discovered that there is a unique spot in the human mind- they call it God Spot. The fact is that the consciousness of God is interwoven in the nature of every human being. So, potentially every one possesses this kind of feeling. What is needed is to turn this potential into the actual through deep contemplation.

What is the source of strong conviction.

Speaking Tree | TOI | October 31, 2010

Conviction is very important in life. It is conviction that gives you courage and determination. Without conviction, you cannot achieve anything especially in today’s competitive world. And the only source of conviction is trust in God.

Does prayer to God develop our personality?

The Speaking Tree | Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes. Prayer means establishing contact with the higher reality and that higher reality is the source of all kinds of inspiration. It is also a source of great solace. So prayer, if it is genuine, will certainly help in developing focus and making you a better person.