Islamic Treasury of Virtues

The traditions—sunnah—of the Prophet Muhammad and the lives of his companions and those closely associated with them, serve as a major source of religious enlightenment in theory and in practice. In An Islamic Treasury of Virtues Maulana Wahiduddin Khan forms a collection of inspiring thoughts, stories, quotes, sayings, and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions, which have been presented in a simple and straightforward style. The book, further, endeavours to present these ideas in the simplest and most direct way. The present book, being a judicious selection from the deeds and saying which make up this model, gives an authentic picture of the Islamic way of life. With this book to throw light on the traditions of the Prophet and his Companions, one can pattern one's life in such a way as to be certain of receiving God’s succour and blessings during one’s life time, and His rewards in the Hereafter for the good deeds done in this life. Besides being an aid to personal study and individual training, this book will be of great benefit when read out at gatherings and in mosques, providing, as it does, valuable material for congregational recitations.