Islam: The Voice of Human Nature

In the book Islam: The Voice of Human Nature, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that only God-centered religion is real and in harmony with human nature. But this truth does not occur to him until the hour of crisis and peril is upon him. A man may have any religion, or any material props he chooses, but, in moments of real crisis, it is to God that he calls out for help. Such an experience, which we all go through at one time or another in our lives, is a clear indication that the God-centered religion is the only true one. As such, it should pervade man's entire existence. Any religion other than this will fail him in his hour of need, in the Hereafter, just as ordinary, everyday means of support so often do in moments of crisis in this world. Explaining such experiences and using arguments, the author proves that Islam is the voice of human nature.

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