The Ideology of Peace

According to the author, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, the book, The Ideology of Peace is a gift to the new generation from a peace-loving person. It attempts to present a complete ideology of life based on peace, which can be summed up in these words: Peace is not an option: it is our destiny. We shall either live with peace or destroy ourselves without it. In this world it is undeniable that the future is for peace alone. There is no future for war or violence. Peace, always desirable for its own sake, has been vital to human progress in every age. The difference now in this nuclear age is that it has literally become a matter of life and death for humanity. Peace means life: its absence leaves no hope of human survival. The establishment of peace opens all life's doors to every possible opportunity for positive action. It may be compared to the removal of a dam from a river. Life, like a flowing river, surges onwards, constantly propelled by human nature and coming to a halt only when the artificial barriers of war and violence are placed before it. Peace, unlike war, creates I conditions that enable us to work towards constructive ends and to strive for justice unhindered. Indeed, it gives the greatest possible stimulus to the flow of beneficent human activity. In the book the author offers a peaceful solution to the terrorism menace and also helps people understand the concept of peace in Islam, based on which he has developed the Ideology of Peace.