Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Speaking Tree Website | November 21, 2016

Many secular people say that God has no real existence. For them, God is a great invention by man.

The truth is that "Man is a great creation by God."

From ancient times, philosophers have been discussing the question of the existence of God, but they have not arrived at anything certain on this issue. Galileo and Newton began a new, scientific way of thinking.

God is not the subject of science. Scientists say their subject of study is 'Nature'. But what is nature? It is simply another name for the creation. In other words, science is the study of nature without reference to God.

In Newton's time, scientists believed that the universe had a "mechanical design". Later, Rutherford discovered that the universe had a "meaningful design". And after that, in the time of Fred Hoyle it was found out that the universe had an "intelligent design".

In the light of these discoveries, it would be appropriate to say that God has been discovered at the intellectual level, and that the entire issue is simply one of nomenclature.

In other words, it is a question of the terms used to refer to this already-discovered Reality. Some philosophers called this Reality "The World Spirit". Some scientists refer to it as "Intelligent Design". Believers in various religions call this Reality "God".

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