Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I The Sunday Guardian I January 4, 2015

Who is a deserving candidate for the eternal world of Paradise? According to the Quran, only a muzakka (20:76) person will be selected for being settled into Paradise. Muzakka means a purified soul. The muzakka person is one who prepares himself in terms of the Paradise culture, who develops his personality on the lines required for living in the society of Paradise. The qualities that are required in a muzakka per son are given in the Quran in detail.

A scene from Paradise has been given in the Quran in these words: "The God-fearing will find themselves in gardens and rivers, in the seat of truth with an all-powerful sovereign." (54:55). It means that the people of Paradise will have the qualities of truthfulness and sincerity in the complete sense of the word. Those who have proved that they possess this high quality will be enrolled in the bright list of entrants to Paradise.

The Quran refers to Paradise as dar al-salam (10:25). Dar al-salam means the home of peace. According to this, every member of the high society of Paradise will be a peaceful person in the complete sense of the word. Only that person will be selected for Paradise who has proved in the present world that he can live in society with peace and compassion. No excuse, whatsoever, would develop the slightest feelings of hate and violence against anyone in his heart.

Regarding the atmosphere of Paradise, the Quran says: "They will not hear therein any vain or sinful talk." (56:25). Anyone who does not stand up to this criterion will be declared as disqualified from entering Paradise. Those who have developed these traits in their personality in the present world are competent members of their society. Only those persons will find entry into Paradise who have qualified themselves in the present world.

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