Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The task of dawah is the most important mission out of all the works going on the face of this earth. This was the mission of the prophets. Dawah is not an artificial type of work. It is a natural work. We can do it every day along with our daily chores.

In ancient times, this task of dawah was performed through personal meetings or gatherings held for different purposes. That time, there was no printing press. Paper was hardly available. The people used skins and leaf for this purpose. To prepare only one copy of the Quran required work of month from a calligrapher. But in the present time, situation has totally changed. The modern technologies have made a miraculous change in all fields of works. Today, we have smooth and fine papers and a fast printing machine. Thenventtion of printing press has made our task very easy. Now, in this age of printing press, it is possible for us that we can prepare as much copies of the Quran and other Islamic literature as we wish. We can publish booklets and leaflets on the subject of dawah and distribute them among those who are still unaware of the message of God. We can make effective printed dawah literature available everywhere. Every man and woman can make use of this opportunity. He or she can discharge this duty of spreading the message of God through the distribution of Islamic literature as have been prepared with an aim to spreading the message of God to the non-Muslims.

Frequent interactions and religious freedom are also helpful to us for doing dawah work. Communication facilities are available on its highest form. We can use modern communications for dawah purpose. All this has made the present age the most favourable age for doing dawah work.

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