Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Speaking Tree Website | September 07, 2015

Several years ago, IBM, the famous American Computer Company, was already so far ahead in the field of computers that its officers, making fun of Japanese computer companies, had quipped: 'When IBM sneezes, Japanese computer makers are blown away.'

Japanese industrialists, however, did not express any anger at this provocative assessment of their worth. They rather devoted themselves to upgrading the standard of their computers, until a time came when Japan had achieved the topmost rank in the world in computer industry. Today Fujitsu, a Japanese computer company, said its largest new computer could perform up to 600 million instructions per second (MIPS), compared with as many as 210 MIPS for IBM's best. (Time, September 17, 1990)

Reacting to provocation brings nothing but negative results, whereas ignoring provocation leaves the way clear to embark on planned construction and consolidation. It is the law of this world that those who act make progress, while those who react are doomed to failure. This applies particularly to the behaviour of Muslims at the present time. For example, if a Hindu says anything against Muslims, all our so-called Muslim leaders and journalists will start protesting that Muslims' sentiments are being hurt and that the administration, being unconcerned, has failed to discharge its duties. The Muslim public will then allow itself to be provoked into launching an agitation. What else can this result in but communal rioting? There is nothing more calculated and a disservice to the Muslim community than this, for the final outcome will simply be that Muslims are left further behind than ever.

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