Dawah’s work has been termed in the Quran as ‘the call to God.’ In other words, dawah work aims at bringing people closer to their Creator and Sustainer and making them aware of the Creation Plan of God. Calling people to God tells them that the only right way of life for them on this earth is to become true believers in God.

Calling people to God aims at directing their attention neither to politics nor national issues. It is unequivocally the task of making people focus on God and must, therefore, be performed in the correct spirit.

It is said in the Quran that God created man in ‘the best mould’ and then ‘cast him down to the lowest of the low.’ (95:4-5) The process of dawah is to bring the individual back to his original state, help him gain entry into Paradise once again, and bring him under the protection of the Lord’s blessings.



A dayee is like a beacon standing by the roadside as a divine guide for the wandering caravan of humanity. The Quran says: ‘Worship God alone and shun the evil one.’ (16:36) In another chapter, it records the words of the Prophet: “… hasten to God; truly, I am sent by Him to give you a clear warning” (51:50). This is the real point of calling people to God is to warn people to seek out God and shun Satan.

In this world, a man stands in between two calls: one is God’s call, and the other is Satan’s. God is the source of all goodness and calls people toward all that is good. On the contrary, Satan is the source of all evil and calls people towards it. The test of a man is that he should not fall prey to Satan’s illusion: he should instead leave Satan and run toward God.

Source: Dawah Made Simple

Dawah means inviting people to God and Truth. As the Prophet of Islam was the last prophet, the responsibility of dawah is now the duty of the Muslim Ummah. Every Muslim is charged with this mission, as God says in the Quran: “Let there be a group among you who call others to good, and enjoin what is right (marouf), and forbid what is wrong (munkar): those who do this shall be successful.” (3:104)

The fulfillment of this mission, on the individual level, however, varies with the capacity of the Muslim, including their linguistic abilities, confidence, and knowledge.

A dayee (addressor) is an individual who invites others to God and the Truth. A madu (addressee) is the one called to God and the Truth. The successful dayee introduces man to God and His Creation Plan with all sincerity and well-wishing. A dayee is an individual who invites people to God and the truth and makes them aware that they have to bring about an intellectual awakening in themselves so that they may, in recognizing these two demands, control their ego and strengthen the subtle voice of their conscience. Avoiding Satan’s temptations, they may become travelers on God’s path, which will take them to Paradise. This was the mission of the prophets. A dayee takes up this mission in the hope of being given a very special reward in the form of eternal Paradise.

Source: Calling People to God

Dawah work has been termed in the Quran as ‘calling people to God.’ (The Quran, 41:33). In other words, dawah work aims at bringing people closer to their Creator and Sustainer. ‘Calling people to God’ tells them that the only right way of life for them on this earth is to become true believers in God.

Man has only two ways of leading his life in this world: the self-oriented and the God-oriented. A self-oriented life is one in which all activities center on oneself. Such a life is led according to man’s thinking. He follows his whims and desires. To him, fulfilling personal interests and ambitions is the standard to measure human success.

On the other hand, a God-oriented life is one in which man considers himself subservient to God. He moulds his feelings and emotions according to God’s commands. To such a person, a successful life is one in which one lives and dies in accordance with God’s pleasure.

Calling people to God means warning man of the evil consequences of the self-oriented life, inviting him to adopt the God-oriented life. The most authentic and reliable source of knowledge of the divine teachings on both types of life has been preserved in the Quran. Presenting God’s Message in the form of the Quran to people is another name for calling people to God.

Source: Calling People to God

Yes. Today no one needs to be a scholar to perform dawah work. Everyone can perform dawah work as the present age is highly favourable to the communication of the word of God. Today we are living in an age of religious freedom, with communication facilities available as never before in human history. And we are in possession of Quran translations that are clear and in an easily understandable language as well as effective dawah literature in the form of articles, books, audios, and videos explaining Islam in the modern idiom.

All one needs to do to perform dawah work today is to make it their priority. You do not need to abandon all one’s activities and then study all the relevant subjects to become a scholar, for all these steps have already been taken. Now, without changing your life’s plan at all you can make dawah a part of your life, and fulfill your dawah responsibilities in the best possible manner.

Source: Dawah Made Simple


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