Islam and Prophet of Islam

Islam provides man with an ideology in which loss is turned to gain and in which adversity brings with it good tidings. And it is in submission to God and living a God-oriented life that man finds complete fulfilment and purpose of life. When he discovers God and worships Him, when he remembers Him, when his mind is turned towards Him with full concentration, when he makes a request or a plea, he establishes a contact with his Creator. In the words of the Hadith, at that particular moment he comes to whisper with his Lord. He has the tangible feeling that he is pouring his heart out to God and that God in turn is answering his call. He starts receiving inspiration from God. This is the beginning of living a God-Oriented Life and the development of a positive personality. the Prophet of Islam is that which has been expressed in the holy scriptures. There is no doubt that the books of hadith and seerah provide an authentic source of information about the life of the Prophet. However, the Quran remains the primary source. Therefore, the picture of the Prophet, which tallies with the relevant statements made therein, must be regarded as correct. Therefore, here I propose to enlarge upon studying his life in the light of certain Quranic verses. The Quran describes the Prophet of Islam as a human being like any other. What distinguished him from others was not his being something other than human but, instead, his being a prophet and a human being. The following verses from the Quran illustrate this: ‘Holy is my Lord. I am but a human being sent as a messenger.’ (17:93) ‘I am only a human being like yourselves. It is revealed to me that your God is One God.’ (18:110) Their messengers replied, ‘We are indeed mortals like yourselves.’ (14: 11)

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