God, who created the human being and put him on the earth, endowed him with inborn, or innate knowledge and values. These innate values form a natural moral sense, which makes a person recognize what is good and beautiful such as telling the truth, keeping promises, and being grateful. This same moral sense also makes a person recognize what is bad and morally ugly such as telling lies, deceit, and arrogance.

The natural moral sense is one way in which the Creator has provided for the guidance of human beings. He has granted human beings a conscience, which registers right and wrong and a mind which has the ability to reason. He has made the whole universe a natural book full of signs that lead a thinking person to the existence of God, His Power, and His Bounty.

When we speak of cultivating human values in Islam, we simply mean following the guidance of God. Doing things that are pleasing to Him is beneficial to us as this leads to salvation and eternal life. The Quran does not merely ask people to do good, and refrain from evil. It specifies the ways to achieve these ends. From this one can see that each person has a duty to cultivate good and desirable qualities, which are part of his natural make-up. And he has a duty to strive against bad traits and habits.




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