Repeatedly we come across occasions in life when we feel helpless. We feel that life is slipping away from our hands. At that juncture, religion becomes a source of courage and conviction. Religion or faith begins with the discovery and belief in God. Real faith is one which is attained as a result of internal conviction. Conviction is very important in life. It gives one courage and determination. Without conviction, one cannot do anything in this world. And the only source of conviction is trust in God. 

When an individual places his trust in God, this brings to him the conviction that he has secured the support of the Supreme Being, the possessor of all powers on earth and in the heavens. This feeling boosts his courage and confidence to the greatest possible extent. And the conviction that spurs a true believer is faith in the life Hereafter. He bears all forms of hardship, suffering, and adversity in this world, as he realizes that this ephemeral world is for the trial of man; in the next eternal world of God, he will be rewarded for his efforts. Such conviction spurs a believer to make a sustained effort in the hope of receiving a reward in the next world: when he will be made to enter a paradise of eternal repose and bliss.




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