Daily Quote

Problems and opportunities

Man in this world is forever caught in between problems and opportunities. But whatever problems he has to contend with, there are always golden opportunities, not too far away, just waiting to be availed.

On Progress

Progress can seldom be made by leaps and bounds. By means of the ladder you can progress even to the stage of owning the lift, but you cannot make a success of your life by starting with the lift and expecting it to do everything for you.

The Foundation

Every construction has a top, which we can all see. But we some­times forget about the base, for it lies buried, deep in the ground. Yet, it is upon this invisible base that the whole building rests.

Not a minute to spare

When a man has a specific and worthwhile goal before him, he sets a great value upon his time, but when bereft of a goal, time hangs heavily upon his hands. He drifts along, like a ship without, a rudder, to the end of his useless life. He discovers, too late, that his achievements are nil, and that he has frittered away his precious existence in empty, meaningless diversions.

Pouring oil on troubled waters

Stinging retorts only stir up further controversy, whereas light-hearted banter, or the humble submission of alternative ideas can have a tranquillizing effect—like throwing water on a blazing fire.

Working One’s Way Up

To succeed in anything, we have to be like the tree, starting from the seed, growing slowly and putting out branches, twigs, leaves and flowers when the appropriate times come around.

Losing to Gain

All too often, we have to lose in order to gain. We have to resign ourselves to our lowly position until we can work ourselves up to more satisfactory heights.