Daily Quote

Path of Patience

Patience will ensure that whenever an individual has some bitter experience, he will opt for the way of tolerance rather than that of reaction to provocation. It will enable him to absorb shocks and to continue, undeterred, on his onward journey.


A feeling of contentment enables a person to rise above trivialities and live in the higher realities. Then one practices simple living and high thinking.

Managing Difficulties

The mind is greater than everything, including difficulty, however severe it may be. So, in adverse situations, try to focus on your mind rather than on the difficulty. And very soon you will find that the difficulty has disappeared, first psychologically and then physically.

On Criticism

Islam and nature demands that in matters of criticism or expression of differences, the right approach is for people to end unnecessary sensitivity to it instead of attempting to put an end to criticism and differences.

Greatest Sacrifice

It is a fact that acknowledgment of truth is the greatest form of worship. It is an act for which man has to make the greatest sacrifice. What makes it such a great sacrifice is that it involves setting aside of one’s prestige.

Difference of Opinion

Difference of opinion can be turned to one’s advantage. Difference of opinion invites discussion, which gives you a good opportunity to remove misconceptions. Moreover, difference gives you an opportunity to turn an enemy into a friend.

Proving Oneself

When a person suffers a loss, he should not consider himself a failure and a deprived person; he should not lose hope and courage and begin uttering endless complaints. Rather, he must prove his courage, and, bearing the burden of adversity, retain his mental balance.

Restraint in Adversity

Patience is the exercise of restraint in trying situations. It is a virtue, which enables the individual to proceed towards worthy goals, undeflected by adverse circumstances or repeated provocations.