Daily Quote


Reacting to provocation brings nothing but negative results, whereas ignoring provocation leaves the way clear to embark on planned construction and consolidation. It is the law of this world that those who act make progress, while those who react are doomed to failure.

Taking Risks

No doubt there are apprehensions about taking risks. But in the present world nothing can be achieved without a certain amount of daring. As the proverb says, no risk no gain.


For a people who have the fortitude, to carry on their schemes from one generation to the next, working consistently and steadfastly, there is no mountain or river on earth which they will not be able to conquer.

Nature’s Silent Language

Nature provides a pointer towards the future, everlast­ing world. One who listens to its appeal, and moulds one’s life, accordingly, will be the truly successful in this life, and in the Hereafter.

Prophetic Model

The study of the life of the Prophet Muhammad tells us that, in all matters, he abandoned the violent or confrontational course in favour of the peaceful or non-confrontational course. The whole life of the Prophet provides a successful, practical example of this principle.


Spirituality is the essence of all religions. Spirituality awakens the mind. Spirituality is a great strength at all times. Spirituality is the best formula for character building. Spirituality is a promoter of all good and a killer of all evils.


Sometimes, in the course of daily life, a feeling of helplessness comes over man; the same kind of helplessness that he experiences after the observation of the universe through a telescope. This helplessness can be overcome only if man submits to his Creator.


Tolerance is not an act of compulsion. It is a positive principle of life, expressing the noble side of a man’s character. The existence of tolerant human beings in a society is just like the blooming of flowers in a garden.