Daily Quote

A Complete Moral Overhaul

In the use of violence, man simply follows his basic instincts; while to promote peace, man must give himself a complete moral overhaul. Only after such a conversion is the individual able to play the role of a peace-loving person.

Man’s Trial

Man is constantly under trial in this world. To pass all tests, he must learn his practical limitations vis à vis his intellectual limitlessness. By doing so, he can save himself from all misapprehensions, and can exercise his free will in the sphere of reality.

The Successful Person

One who subjects his own behavior to constant re-appraisal, who is continually scrutinizing himself for weaknesses and faults and who, once having found such faults, wastes no time in rooting them out, will succeed.

Human Weakness

A single human weakness cannot be considered in isolation. It should be looked upon as being representative of the entire personality. If an individual proves unreliable in one matter, he is likely to evince the same unreliability in other matters; if he is guilty of untrustworthiness on one occasion, the chances are that this trait will show up time and time again.

Taking Time to Achieve One’s Goal

A goal can be achieved in the course of ten years, but you want to attain it in just ten days. This means that you want to reach your destination in leaps and bounds. But there is an old saying: “The more hurry, the less speed.”

Complaining is Fruitless

To complain about things is a fruitless exercise. The intelligent thing to do is to forget the unpleasant things which are a part and parcel of life, bury grudges and carry on seeking to fulfill one’s true purpose in life.