Daily Quote


It is only utter devotion—no matter what the field of activity—that can lead to success. Only those who have devoted themselves in this world of struggle and competition, can aspire to advance in life.


Corruption is a psychological evil, while lack of skill is a technical shortcoming. A psychological evil cannot be removed by technical improvement. If we are genuinely interested in making a better society in our country, we shall have to work for the psychological or moral reform of the individuals who comprise the nation.


Success is the result of devotion and assiduity and is never the result of some unasked for miracle.


If we want our efforts to bear fruit, it is essential that we should take the correct preliminary steps before plunging headlong into difficult situations. Without the necessary moral conditioning, all our steps will go awry, just like a cloth which is dyed without pretreatment.

The Spiritual

One who is spiritually inclined resorts constantly to his inner mental life — something which no one can take away from him. Such a man possesses inner contentment and is far above all material gain and loss.

A Leader

The true leader is concerned with the future of his nation, while the false leader is concerned with his own future prospects.