Daily Quote

Shun Aggression

Shun aggression at all cost. Aggression—an expression of anger—makes one lose the ability to do reasoned planning and patient striving.

Power of Patience

Patience gives the strength to restrain one’s emotions in delicate situations and use one’s mind to find a course of action along result-oriented lines.

Better than Revenge

While revenge may open a new chapter that is revenge after revenge, forgiveness ends this chain. Forgiveness means that you have put a full stop, while revenge in this case means that you have put commas.

Blame Thyself

If you face any undesirable experience from others, you should not try to protest against others. You should rather try to find out your own weakness, your own vulnerable point that gave the other party the opportunity to overcome you. 

Exalted Personality

Try your best to evolve your personality in terms of spiritual and intellectual development. But, as far as your material requirements are concerned, adopt the need-based formula and not the greed-based formula.

More than Money

Favour may give you temporary relief, but hard work is the only way to achieve great success. All super achievements were born out of hard work rather than favours.