Daily Quote


According to psychological studies, when there is a shocking experience, there is a storm in the human brain. This brainstorm activates the dormant cells of the mind, and the result is that one becomes capable of doing what one could not have accomplished in a normal situation.


Art of rejection is easy, but only a great mind can accept. Acceptance is a phenomenon of maturity.

It is All but Temporary

Optimism means knowing that one will eventually be rescued: that the waiting period will only be temporary in nature. The only thing that can create a serious problem for you is to lose your patience or to lose hope or to forget that the situation is temporary and not permanent.

Acceptance of Reality

It is a fact that no one can overrule your ambitions, but it is also true that you cannot overrule the laws of nature. So always be a realist. Acceptance of reality is the most important principle for any kind of success.


A man on the highest pedestal of realism is one who can think dispassionately, take decisions objectively, rising above his own self.

Save Yourself

You are more precious than everything else. So always try to save yourself. If in any situation, you have lost something, even then you have something, and that is yourself. So, forget what is lost and take that which still exists for you.

Mind at Peace

Spirituality is the result of a peaceful mind. And, living with a mind at peace lies within your own domain. Your mind is your exclusive property. Do not allow anyone to rule your mind. This is the only practical formula for the attainment of spirituality.