Applying Quranic Principles in Life


The Quran Study and Application Program helps participants study the Quran, contemplate its verses to discover their Creator, understand His Creation Plan, and apply Quranic principles in their lives. After completing the Quran Study and Application Program of CPS, participants will be able to realise:

  • The Quran is God’s revealed, preserved guidebook that introduces a man to His Creator, God Almighty, and understand His Creation Plan for human beings to find their purpose in life.
  • They need to contemplate on the Quranic verses through tafakkur and tadabbur and draw lessons from the Quran through tawassum to derive principles and lessons from them.
  • They can then develop a Quranic personality by applying these Quranic principles in our lives.

Thousands of graduates of the programs have been able to develop Quranic personalities. Quran Study Program



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