Importance of Contentment in Islam

One of the important qualities of human beings is contentment. For the construction of a better society, it is necessary that its members should never foster discontent. For, a society bereft of contentment will also be bereft of the atmosphere of mutual love.

The Prophet of Islam once observed: ‘That person earned salvation, who accepted Islam and was given provision (rizq) according to his needs and he was content with what God bestowed upon him (Sahih, Muslim).

In the present world man’s greatest good fortune lies in his remaining a thankful servant of God. Only that person may become a thankful servant in the real sense who possesses this inner contentment. According to a Hadith, (Ibn Majah) the Prophet said, ‘Become content and then you will become the most thankful servant of God.’

Contentment gives man the blessing of a heart at peace. Those who are not content are eventually consumed by greed. And when individuals succumb to greed, they cannot remain content, whatever the circumstances. They always keep complaining about one thing or another.

Contentment grants man mental peace, while greed produces mental confusion and disturbance. Contentment raises man to a high mental level while greed causes man to descend to a low mental level. Contentment makes one love others while greed makes one hate others. Contentment is a means to spiritual upliftment while greed leads to spiritual degeneration.

A feeling of contentment enables a person to rise above trivialities and live in the higher realities. In short, he practices simple living and high thinking.