The Vision of Islam

The Vision of Islam offers an explanation of the teachings of Islam in a contemporary style and aims at providing such an interpretation of Islam as will address the modern mind. Maulana Wahiduddin Khan wrote the Urdu edition of this book, Al-Islam in September 1975. At that time he felt that with this book his mission had come to an end. Subsequently, there was a change of circumstances and by special divine succour a full-fledged mission came to be launched on the basis of the ideology he had presented in his book Al-Islam. Today, in June 2013, by God’s grace, the English version of his book Al-Islam, entitled The Vision of Islam has been published. In 1975 there was just this one book. But today, by God’s grace, a universal mission has been established with more than 27 translations of the Quran and its commentary in the modern idiom, more than 200 books, and thousands of audio and video lectures. The mission has, further, been institutionalized with the establishment of Islamic Centre in 1976 and Centre for Peace and Spirituality (CPS International) in 2001 through the efforts of thousands of volunteers who are disseminating this literature globally. One who reads this book will obtain an insight into the ideology of the Islamic mission. 

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