Man has been seeking a Paradise on earth for thousands of years,in response to his natural urges. With the coming of the industrial revolution and the age of consumerism, man actually thought that he could build a Paradise on earth. Pollution, global warming, and now the Covid-19 pandemic has made man realize to the last extent that a Paradise on earth cannot become a reality. Then how can man actually attain the Paradise of his dreams? Standing on the threshold of life, man must rethink and re-plan for Paradise. According to the Creation Plan, God created an eternal, perfect world called Paradise. Then God created man as an eternal creature and divided his life into two periods. During the temporary phase of man’s life he has been placed in this imperfect world for the purpose of testing him. Those who, in their life before death, realize their Creator while He is the unseen, submit to Him and live a God-oriented life will be granted eternal peace and happiness in the perfect world of Paradise.

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