The Alarm of Doomsday

In The Alarm of Doomsday Maulana Wahiduddin Khan explains that the history of religion tells us that from the time that God created man, He has been sending prophets for man’s guidance. During the age of the prophets, the knowledge of reality was transmitted at the level of revelation. This process continued until the age of the modern scientific revolution. Now, the reality, which was being presented to man at the level of revelation, has become a proved fact to the ultimate extent at the level of human knowledge. For the first time in human history the divine book, the Quran, and human knowledge are totally in consonance with each other. This has made it possible for seekers of truth to find it at the level of full conviction and realization, leaving no margin of doubt. All that is left to happen now is for Doomsday to take place and Almighty God to come directly into man’s view. Now, the final time has come for all human beings to awake and arise. Those who do not awake today will be awakened by the trumpet of Doomsday, but the awakening will be of no avail to anyone.

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