Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | Speaking Tree Blog | June 08, 2020

In this world everyone suffers frustration and failure. The reason is that everyone wants to find his desired world in this world itself, whereas this present limited and ephemeral world is not created for this purpose. That is why, despite all efforts, one fails to find one's dream world in this life. This world, in fact is not Paradise; it just makes paradise understandable to us. By nature, the world is an imperfect and limited model. It however gives us some glimpses of 'perfect' things that give us an introduction to Paradise. If our eternal life is a journey, it is just a waiting room and not the ultimate destination of the journey. But human beings often mistake it for his destination, and his life thus becomes one of missed opportunities.

The present world is a passageway and not the destination. It is the place for preparation, and not for reaping the harvest. The present world is full of limitations. It does not have the means to fulfill the unlimited desires of man. It has all the means of subsistence at the animal level but does not have the spiritual necessities of the higher level for man.

During this limited lifespan on earth, what man needs to do, first and foremost, is to seek the Creator and Sustainer of this universe and submit to Him while He is unseen. Further, having seen a glimpse of Paradise on earth, he should become its seeker in his heart of hearts. Intellectually, spiritually and morally he should make himself deserving of an abode in the extreme refinement of Paradise. Man should devote this present lifespan to the preparation for an unlimited life in the Hereafter.

Every person born in this world is like an 'ore', which needs to be refined and fashioned into steel, in order that he may become a part of the consummate world of the Hereafter. Every living being must awaken their consciousness to the ultimate extent. Human beings are born at the animalistic level. They must elevate themselves through intellectual and spiritual development. Those human beings who are not able to attain to the human level will be failures in the Hereafter. Those who succeed in reaching that high level of humanity will find a place in the orchard of happiness in the world to come, which is called Paradise.

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