Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

CPS International aims to promote and reinforce the culture of peace through mind-based spirituality. It is engaged in promoting peace and spirituality through interfaith efforts. Drawing inspiration from the Quran, and the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, the Centre seeks to share the spiritual principles of Islam with the world and to reveal its true face, based as it is on peace, tolerance and coexistence. We present a selection of CPS activities during May-June, 2021.

  1. Four English books of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan released: Spirit of Islam, Ramadan: A Month of Purification, Re-planning of the Islamic Mission in Modern Times, and Realization of God.
  2. An Urdu book of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Paighambar-e-Inquilab has been released.
  3. Bimonthly digital magazine Al-Risala Hindi launched by Mr Khurram Islam Qureshi.
  4. 80,000 copies of the Quran distributed free of cost across the globe
  5. Chairperson of CPS International, Prof. Farida Khanam, has started conducting LIVE classes every Sunday.
  6. Writer, speaker and sub-editor of Spirit of Islam, Dr. Maria Khan, live streamed 10 sessions on various Islamic topics.
  7. Ms Fahmida Khan (Urdu classes) and Ms. Fathima Sarah (English classes) conduct weekly LIVE sessions on the Facebook channel of CPS International.
  8. 145+ videos uploaded on our YouTube channel.
  9. Regular short videos and messages are broadcast to thousands of our subscribers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  10. Members of CPS regularly write for various publications. 50+ new articles uploaded on our website Our articles feature in The Times of India, The Sunday Guardian, Soulveda and Yours Positively, etc.


The Foundation has a global presence. The CPS Global Network is being developed to act as a hub for networking through the Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Peace Centre and Quran Foundation Centre, New Delhi with Peace Centres, institutes and partners worldwide to spread the message of peace. It will further network with the Ambassadors of Peace globally through personal and e-interactions, interfaith programmes, CPS programmes, CPS outreach, academic programmes, educational programmes and more...

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