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  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | TOI Blog | Jan 27, 2021

    It is often seen that whenever a group wants its demands to be met, it takes the route of protest. However, it is not just a question of protest. The real question is about the result of protests. These kinds of protests only increase losses, instead of gaining anything. Protest method is a kind of mob activism. But the fact is that this kind of method has lost its relevance in modern India. A commentator has rightly said that protest activism generates more heat than light.

  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Times of India | Jan 1, 2021

    The New Year day is one to reassess our past, rethink and re-plan our future. On this day I am reminded of a saying, ‘A day you have lived fully was your day. All other days are simply dates on your calendar.’

    In my view there are two ways of leading your life. One is to simply pass your time, and the other is to avail of your time. If you live just to pass time, you are simply wasting your life. But if you spend your days meaningfully, you are truly living. You are making proper use of this amazing blessing that is called life.

  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Times of India | Dec 24, 2020

    Christmas is the festival of the Christian Church observed annually on the 25 th day of December in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ.

    The birth of Jesus Christ marks an exceptional event in human history. Islam has also attached great importance to it. The Quran has this to say:

    ‘Peace be on the day Jesus Christ was born” (Quran, 19:33).

    These words are extremely meaningful, for the most distinctive aspect of Christ’s personality is that he became a symbol of peace in human history. In his life, he demonstrated that peace is a power, rather it is the greatest power.

    Peace is not the name of just one quality. It is in fact a combination of certain qualities, like love, compassion, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and tolerance.

  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | The Times of India | Nov 3, 2020 

    An Indian industrialist once had the occasion to go to West Germany in 1965. While there, he visited a factory. Going around it to see how it functioned, he stopped beside a worker and started to put a few questions to him. To his surprise, in spite of his repeating the questions several times, the man paid no attention to him and went on with his work.

  • Maulana Wahiduddin Khan | TOI Blog | 2 Oct 2020

    Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated annually on 2nd October to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This year, contemplating on Gandhiji’s contribution to India, I remembered that historians concede: “the most massive and historically effective example of non-violent activism was that of the movement organized by Mahatma Gandhi.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica Vol. 13, page 850).