Types of Hadith

The early writers on the subject of the hadith evolved certain rules to classify the hadith. There are two main types of classification in use. One deals with the degree of the authenticity of the tradition, while the other takes as its base the way the tradition was transmitted.

How were Hadith Compiled?

The history of the compilation of Hadith may be broadly divided into four stages:

1.  The first stage relates to the period of the Prophet till 10 A.H.

2.  The second stage is approximately from 11 A.H. to 100 A.H. This is the period of Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet.

3.  The third stage is from about 101 to nearly 200 A.H. This is the period of the Tabiun, the disciples of the companions of the Prophet.

What are Hadiths?

Hadith meaning a ‘statement’ or ‘report’ is used as an Islamic term for the records kept of the words, deeds and sanctions of the Prophet Muhammad. Some scholars have also included in hadith the sayings and doings of the companions of the Prophet. In English very often in place of ‘hadith’ the term ‘traditions of the Prophet’ or simply ‘traditions’ is used.