Prophet Muhammad

Application of the Prophetic Model in Our Lives

Dr. Michael H. Hart, in his now famous book, called The Hundred – A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, has held the Prophet Muhammad to be the most supremely successful man in history. But if the Prophet occupies this top-ranking position, it is not as a hero although he had many heroic qualities – but as a guide to humanity. Throughout his life, not only was he a supremely successful person himself, but he also stood out as a superb model for others to imitate. It is this aspect of his seerah, or biography, which is outlined in this paper.

The Teachings of Prophet Muhammad

God's religion is one religion. It is that one religion which has always been revealed to prophets, but man, in his carelessness, has always marred or altered the true way. The Prophet Muhammad revived the divine religion and presented it in scriptural form for posterity. His religion is the true religion until the end of time. It is the only way to achieve closeness to God and salvation in the afterlife.