World Hereafter

Sir James Jeans once observed that the Creator of the universe must have possessed a mathematical mind. Here, I must add that the very meaningfulness of the universe is a proof that its Creator must have had a deep sense of purpose. Such a purposeful Creator could not have created a world, which was imperfect—and therefore meaningless—if this objective was to be fulfilled.

The Parallel World

Now, let us come to an understanding of the basic framework of this parallel world. Within this framework, the concepts of “Paradise” and “Hell” will also become clear. Paradise is a resting place for sincere and truth-loving people, while hell is a place for the insolent and the false.

Man and his Desires

Every individual has desires embedded deep within him. One can in fact conclude that man is a ‘fulfillment-seeking animal.’ But experience shows that human desires are seldom if ever fulfilled.

A Ray of Hope

Billy Graham, a well-known American missionary, writes that he once received an urgent message from an American billionaire who wanted to meet him without a moment’s delay. On receiving this message, Billy Graham cancelled all his other appointments and immediately set out to meet this man.

Contradiction in the World

The world of nature is a ‘zero defect’ world. In it, there are all kinds of activities, but they do not produce any noise pollution. It has ‘factories’ operating round the clock but they do not produce any environmental pollution. There are many great industries, but they do not sully the water. The world of nature has been functioning for millions and millions of years, but without causing any deterioration or any accidents. All its parts are ‘active’, but we do not find anywhere that they have such a thing as a labour problem.