A believer is one who finds God. God’s discoverer starts living by nature on the plane of higher realities. He rises above outward, superficial things and finds sources of interest in the world of piety. Such a person by his very nature becomes a simplicity loving person. His motto is: Simple living and high thinking.

Signs of God

The Indian writer Khwajah Hasan Nizami (1878¬1955) once wrote an article in Urdu entitled “Story of a Fly.” In it he complained to a fly about the bother it caused people. “Why don’t you let us sleep in peace?” he remonstrated. “The time for sleep and eternal repose has not yet come.” the fly replied. “When it does, then you can sleep in peace. Now it is better for you to remain alert and active.” This little exchange shows that if one, remains open to admonition, one will find a lesson for one’s life even in such mundane events as the buzz of a fly.


What is the greatest issue facing man in this world? It is how to secure salvation in the life after death so that he may find his true abode and have a share in God’s eternal blessings.

The Rights of Human Beings

A believer has important responsibilities towards both God and man. His duty towards God means believing in Him with all His attributes, worshipping Him, regarding himself accountable to Him; and making himself ready to carry out wholeheartedly any such demands that God may make upon him.