Search for Truth

All Revealed Religions Originally Brought True Guidance

Islam tells us that all religions revealed by God to His messengers brought true guidance from Him and, therefore, were one and the same. Therefore, Islam is not a recent religion. It is the same religion sent by God through His Prophets since the beginning of human history. So we can say that God had sent all the previously revealed books so that man might be informed of the nature of his life. The Quran, the last of the revealed books, endorses all the revealed books, which preceded it. But this endorsement applies to them only in their original, pristine versions.

Is Islam the Answer?

One can safely say that for a seeker after the truth, there is no whole range of options. He has only one choice to make. And that is the choice of Islam: the only religion, which has a preserved book of God and whose prophet has true historical credibility. Let us understand this in detail.

1. Quran: The Preserved Word of God

Is Mysticism the Answer?

What is mysticism? According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, mysticism is a “quest for a hidden truth or wisdom.” The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought, defines it thus: “Mysticism is the direct experience of the divine as real and near, blotting out all sense of time and producing intense joy.”