Principles of Life

Today and Tomorrow

Resolution No. 3379 was passed by the United Nations in 1975 in which it held Zionism synonymous with racism.

For many years the Jewish lobby and the USA made constant efforts to have this resolution overturned in the United Nations. But the circumstances were not favourable for, thanks to the influence of the Soviet Union, the entire East Block continued to give its backing to this resolution.

Dream and Success

Mr. Ram Ratan Kapila runs a refrigerator and air-conditioner business by the name of Kapsons, its offices being located at Asaf Ali Road in New Delhi. Needing a catchy name for his firm, he advertised for one in the newspapers, promising a handsome reward for the best slogan. In spite of repeatedly advertising, no apt slogan was forthcoming. He kept racking his brain day in and day out, but could not hit on anything that sounded just right.

Result-Oriented Action

In 1917 a suit was filed in Egypt’s religious court in Cairo against an Egyptian Muslim theologian who had stated that since the Qur’an did not describe Adam as an apostle or a prophet, it was Noah who should have the status of first prophet. This was an opinion which caused a great deal of agitation in certain circles. The complaint lodged in the court was that the theologian had denied an established religious reality and, therefore, separation should be effected between him and his wife and the penalty for apostasy be imposed on him.

One’s Own Responsibility

An elderly British citizen once told me that during the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister and popularly acclaimed military leader, gave to the people of Britain the motto: IT ALL DEPENDS ON ME.

This is an excellent motto and one that is just as relevant in time of peace as it is in war.