Principles of Life


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Principles of Life

Adam, the first man, had two sons, one of whom killed the other in anger while quarrelling. This was the first incident of the killing of a man in the human existence and the murderer had no idea of what should be done with the dead body of his brother.

Then God sent a raven, which scratched the earth, so that He might show him how to hide the corpse of his brother. ‘Alas!’ he cried, ‘Am I not able even to be like this raven, so that I may hide the corpse of my brother?’ And he repented. (The Quran, 5:31).


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Principles of Life

“Starve the problems, feed the opportunities”: thus goes an old say­ing. Simple words but imbued with great profundity. One who under­stands their message and acts accordingly will find the doors of success opening to him, while one who lives in ignorance of them will find all doors closed to him.


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan I Principles of Life

“A young man once came to a venerable master and asked, ‘How long will it take to reach enlightenment?’ The master said, ‘Ten years.’ The young man blurted out, ‘So long!’ the master said, ‘No, I was mistaken. It will take you twenty years.’ The young man asked, ‘Why do you keep adding to it!’ The master answered, ‘Come to think of it, in your case it will probably be 30 years.’” (Philip Kapleau, Reader’s Digest, 1983)