Principles of Life

Fight the Forces of Evil with Love

In situations of adversity, head-on confrontation, as a means of eliminating opposition, is frequently resorted to. As a negative reaction, it is almost always counterproductive. Experience shows, oftener than not, that the better way is to take positive action. That is, to return good for evil.

Need for Flexibility

A man came into a shop, intent on buying some cloth. Choosing a suitable piece was no problem, but fixing a price was, for in Eastern countries one usually has to bargain before buying anything. This time, the bargaining was tough. Neither the shopkeeper, nor the customer, was willing to budge from his original price. Finally, after holding out adamantly for half-an-hour, it was the shopkeeper who gave in, coming right down to the customer’s price, thus clinching the deal.

Going Against Nature

Shri Guru Golwalker, a Hindu fundamentalist leader, had categorically opposed the concept of a uniform civil code. His opposition was based not on religion but on nature. His stand was that a uniform code is not at all practicable on account of its being unnatural. He expresses it thus: “Nature abhors uniformity.”