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The Quran addresses mankind directly to tell him of God's scheme for human existence. Gift Quran to your friends and family! Quran copies are available at a subsidized price at Goodword Books: English, Rs. 20 or $ 0.45; Hindi, Rs. 25 or $ 0.55; Urdu, Rs. 30 or $ 0.70. Freight will be charged extra at actuals.

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LIVE: Sunday Talk Streaming

Maulana W. Khan gives talks every Sunday at 10.30 am IST in Urdu in New Delhi. These are streamed live online. You can also send in questions at and receive a response live. Visit the links given below every Sunday.

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Video: The Book of Guidance

Man is born into the world without any knowledge of what he is or why he has been placed here. His beingis an accumulation of intellectual and physical powers. Yet, he did not bring himself into being. So, where did this world start from and where will it all end?

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Grow in spirituality everyday with Maulana’s daily talks. The talk on May 2, 2013 was on the following subject: More Shukr (Acknowledgement) More Blessing I September 11, 2013.

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TV: Watch Maulana W. Khan

Maria Khan: Islam for Kids | ETV Urdu | Sunday 9.00 a.m. IST Maulana W. Khan: Rahnuma-e-Hayat | ETV Urdu | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5.30 a.m. IST


Urdu Magazine: Al-Risala

MaulanaWahiduddin Khan launched Al-Risala in 1976 to give full expression to positive ideas. The journal, consisting entirely of his articles, quickly acquired a wide circulation in the Urdu-speaking world. It helps us understand the peaceful teachings of Islam.

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English Magazine: Spirit of Islam

This is a magazine for the discerning individual, who stops to contemplate the myriad multitude of choices available, before deciding on a course of action. It aims at helping individuals discover, for themselves, answers to their questions on life and beyond.

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Booklet: What is Islam?

The physical world has been given no option but to submit to God, whereas man has been given free will. But the same behaviour as is followed by the rest of the world under compulsion is also desired of man. Only, the universe has submitted to God compulsorily, while man must do it by his own choice.

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Article: Help Yourself, Get God’s Help

God helps those who help themselves. And although man's role is a very minor one, it is nevertheless a very necessary one. A man must prove his worth to have his due share of God's gifts. We must never, therefore, neglect to make ourselves deserving of God's nourishment.

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Daily Quote and Weekly Blog

If one succeeds in breaking an atom one does not destroy it; rather one converts it into a greater force, known as atomic energy. So it is with man. When man is ‘broken,’ his horizons expand vastly. Just as breakage does not destroy matter, so defeat does not ruin man.

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Newsroom: English Quran in Braille

CPS International takes yet another step towards spreading the word of God to all humankind. The Centre has come out with Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's English Translation of the Quran in Braille. Available at a reduced cost, the Quran will be sent to institutions for the blind.

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As we at CPS International endeavor to take the message of peace to all humankind, join us in this noble cause!

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CPS International endeavours to spread the message of peace far and wide. Get involved! Contribute to this noble cause!