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  Booklet: Dawah-Ila-Allah (Calling People to God)
Language: Arabic
Man has only two ways of leading his life in this world: the self-oriented and the Godoriented. The self-oriented life is one in which all activities centre on oneself. Such a life is lead according to man's own thinking. He follows his own whims and desires. To him the fulfillment of personal interests and ambitions is the standard by which to measure human success. On the other hand, the God-oriented life is one in which man considers himself subservient to God. He moulds his feelings and emotions according to God's commands. To such a person a successful life is one in which one lives and dies in accordance with God's pleasure.
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  Article: The Tree's Eloquent Silence by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
The Times of India, October 7, 2011
In front of my house in New Delhi there is a full-grown tree, in whose shade I am in the habit of sitting. I call it my spiritual tree. In fact, this tree is my teacher, although a silent one. The previous summer, this tree, like many other trees, shed its green leaves. Gradually, it became simply like dry wood. I was doubtful whether it would ever again turn green. But in the spring, the whole scenario changed. My spiritual tree again became a tree with lush green foliage. The rebirth of this tree was a great lesson. My spiritual tree turned into a speaking tree. It gave me a significant message: ‘Don't be hopeless in any situation. After every dry season, there is a good harvest. After every spell of hopelessness, there is new hope, and after every failure, there is a great success. After every dark night, there is a bright morning.'
  Video: Prophetic Mission in the Twenty-first Century
In his talk, the Maulana explains that all the prophets were given two things: the divine book or divine guidance and signs from God. In the pre-scientific age, the various discoveries in nature that we know of today were not made. At the time, only traditional arguments were possible. Today, scientific discoveries have become the substitute for miracles and as such there is no need for prophethood to prove the veracity of the message of God. God has given man freedom and critical is to understand that if he misuses this freedom he'll go to hell and if he uses it properly he'll go to paradise.
  Audio: Revival of Faith
In his talk, the Maulana explains how it is actually the spirit of the faith which erodes whilst the form remains intact. Taking examples from the Quran and Hadith, he clarifies the importance of continuous revival of faith for a believer. He corroborates this with modern psychological findings which confirm how man's mind processes a thought from his conscious memory to the unconscious making it difficult to retrieve. He further adds that man alone can undertake his intellectual replenishment. Doing so has a direct bearing on the quality of dawah work because better intellectual personality will allow a dayee to accomplish better dawah work.
  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
Ego and Conscience: According to the Quran there are two faculties in every human being which are mutually antipathetic. One is the ego, and the other is the conscience, called respectively nafs ammara and nafs lawwama. What the violent method invariably does is to awaken the ego, which necessarily results in a breakdown of social equilibrium. On the other hand, non-violent activism awakens the conscience, from which results an awakening and self-appraisal in people.
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  Maulana Khan on the Speaking Tree Website
The Speaking Tree website provides a meeting ground for seekers to discuss belief systems, religious conviction, psychological impact of faith and rituals in a non-religious context with spiritual gurus, spiritual mentors, and spiritual leaders around the world. The objective of the website is to encourage spiritual conversations. To follow the Maulana, CLICK HERE.
  Book of the Month: A Simple Guide to Islam by Farida Khanam
"Islam" is an Arabic word which means "submission, surrender and obedience to God." In religious terms, this means that the individual who embraces Islam as his religion must put the Almighty first and foremost in his life, bowing to His wishes in all matters. Everything in the universe - the sun, the moon, the stars - have all completely subjugated themselves to His will. The universe, therefore, literally follows the religion of Islam in that it has surrendered to the Lord of the Universe having no other option. Whereas as man has been given free will – his thinking faculty and a conscience, he has a choice to accept and reject to follow certain principles in life.
Q. How should one utilize his money?
A. Spend a part of your money for your material needs and spend the rest for spiritual uplift. Use it for acquiring knowledge. Money is a great asset. It is not meant just for fulfilling desires; Put it to better use. Spend it for a higher cause. Manage your desires and then you will find you have enough money to achieve higher goals.
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