Article: Nature - A Model of Peace
In this world, positive living is not of relevance solely to moral behaviour. Rather, it is incumbent upon us to follow a positive course at all times and in all situations. For, in this vast universe, there is only our tiny earth on which human beings may survive. To date, there is no other spot in the cosmos where we have discovered life-supporting systems. Preserving nature, therefore, is synonymous with sustaining life, while destroying nature will lead to total extinction. In short, consistently engaging in positive living amounts to saving life, while failing to do so is a certain way of committing suicide.
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  Video: Intellectual Empowerment
In his talk, the Maulana explains that intellectual empowerment of the Muslims is the need of the hour. He further highlights that in providing premonition of this fateful derailment, the Quran and Hadith outline that the only way forward in such a case will be to work towards the return of community to the right path.
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  Audio: Message of the Quran
Man leads his life in the present world for a fixed period of time, then passes away. During his life-span he appears to be free. This gives rise to two kinds of misunderstandings. One is that man's life is nothing but what it appears to be from birth to death, and the other is that man is not going to be taken to task for his actions. It was to put an end to this ignorance that God arranged for a series of prophets to bring His revelations to mankind.
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  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
Look Deeper: There is always a good man hidden inside a bad man. Try to find this hidden man, and then you will not have to complain against anyone.
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  Quran online
Have you not seen that God makes the night pass into the day, and makes the day pass into the night, and that He has pressed the sun and the moon into His service, each pursuing its course for an appointed term, and that God is well aware of what you do? -- The Quran (31:29)
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  Book of the Month
In Man Know Thyself the author asks if a group of people were asked what the most important issue for mankind was today, different people would have different answers. Some would say the spread of nuclear weapons, some, the population explosion, while others might say that the production and distribution of wealth were of paramount importance. Such diversity of opinion shows that people in general do not properly recognize what they themselves are. If they did, they would all agree that the most critical issue facing mankind was man's disregard of his real nature, and his persistence in ignoring the inescapable fact that one day he must die, and be called to account before his Maker. If we were to become aware of the reality of existence, it would be to the afterlife rather than to this world that we would direct our attention.
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Q. What hampers spiritual growth?
Sailesh Malhotra, Singapore
A. In my opinion, it is excessive materialism that hampers spiritual growth. Material goods are necessity for comfortable living, but when you start chasing materialism you run the risk of losing your spirituality.
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