Article: The Spirit of Sacrifice
Basically, two practices are performed by Muslims on the day of Eid al-Azha: congregational prayer in the mosque and the sacrificing of an animal. These two practices reflect the basic spirit of the occasion, a combination of two important states of mind - spirituality and dedication. Prayer is an expression of spirituality and sacrifice is an expression of dedication.
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  Video: Living in a World of Competition
In his talk, the Maulana explains that the principle of nature favours healthy competition. Competition arouses challenge and choices opted lead to consequences. Man cannot escape from the consequences of his actions. It implies that man will repeatedly face conditions that challenge his status quo because every man has the freedom to run in the race of life and strive to attain his goal. As we all run, confrontations are bound to emerge as some may win and others may lose. If in such a scenario, a man complains upon being defeated, his complaint is false because defeat is a result of the law of nature and his complaint will not change this result.
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  Audio: How to Manage Stress
Time and time again we run into highly charged situations in life: it seems impossible to go an. There is only one way to survive under such conditions, and that is by not letting oneself be inwardly affected by one's outward situation; by suppressing one's emotions and keeping one's feelings under control. Only then will one be able to maintain one's composure. One will not be able to survive crises in life if one lets one's inward condition become as highly charged as one's outward situation
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  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
The Only Option: In this world, the option one has to take is not between, 'Universe without God' and the 'Universe with God'. The option is actually between the 'Universe with God' and 'No Universe at all'. Since we cannot, for obvious reasons, opt for the latter proposition, we are in fact left with no other option except the former - the 'Universe with God'.
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  Quran online
And God will provide for him from an unexpected source; God suffices for anyone who puts his trust in Him. God will surely bring about what He decrees. He has set a measure for all things. -- The Quran (65:3)
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  Book of the Month
With the help of The Principles of Islam the author presents the principles of Islam. Islam, the religion of nature, is eternal guidance for mankind. Through the book, a reader will be able to form an accurate and comprehensive picture of Islam - the true religion of submission to God - by explaining its principles such as Hereafter, Angels, Calling God, Family Life, God, God-Oriented Life, Human Brotherhood, Non-Violence, Piety, Prophethood, The Qur'an, Religion of Peace, Salvation, Spiritual Uplift, Spirituality, Tawheed, Trial, Zakat (Almsgiving), This is sure to help seekers understand the principles of life as explained the Quran, the book of God, and the hadith, the sayings and deeds of the Prophet of Islam.
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Q. Does praying to God help in developing one's personality?
Sadia Khan
A. Yes. Prayer means establishing contact with the higher reality and that higher reality is the source of all kinds of inspiration. It is also a source of great solace. So prayer, if it is genuine, will certainly help in developing focus and making you a better person.
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