Charity is a Duty
The Sunday Guardian | Feb. 21, '10: According to the Quran, the have-nots have their rights. That is, the haves must give the have-nots their due; otherwise, the haves shall have to pay a heavy price for negligence in discharging their duties. Philanthropy is a duty rather than simply a charity.
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  Result-Oriented Life
By studying the life of the Prophet we can derive those important principles which were followed by the Prophet. In short, the Prophet of Islam was a positive thinker in the full sense of the word. All his activities were result-oriented. He completely refrained from all such steps as may prove counter-productive. He always followed positive methods to achieve his goal.
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  Quran online
"People, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, so that you may become righteous, who made the earth a bed, and the sky a canopy; and it is He who sends down rain from above for the growth of every kind of food for your sustenance." (2:21-22)
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  Book of the Month
The Ideology of Peace is a gift to the new generation from a peace-loving person. It attempts to present a complete ideology of life based on peace, which can be summed up in these words: Peace is not an option: it is our destiny. The author states that peace, always desirable for its own sake, has been vital to human progress in every age. The difference now in this nuclear age is that it has literally become a matter of life and death for humanity. Peace means life: its absence leaves no hope of human survival.
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