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The Quran addresses mankind directly to tell him of God's scheme for human existence. Gift Quran to your friends and family! Quran copies are available at a subsidized price at Goodword Books: English, Rs. 20 or $ 0.45; Hindi, Rs. 25 or $ 0.55; Urdu, Rs. 30 or $ 0.70. Freight will be charged extra at actuals.

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LIVE: Sunday Talk Streaming

Maulana W. Khan gives talks every Sunday at 10.30 am IST in Urdu in New Delhi. These are streamed live online. You can also send in questions at and receive a response live. Visit the links given below every Sunday.

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Video: Itmaam-e-Noor

In his talk, the Maulana explains how God sent messengers throughout the period of history to guide man but people failed to extend support to the prophets. In fact, the contemporaries of the prophets adopted a negative attitude towards them and even tried to jeopardise the Creation Plan. After testing man for long, God intervened.

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Grow in spirituality everyday withMaulana’s daily talks. Talk ofJuly 10, 2013 wason the following subject: Repentance. To subscribe, click here.

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TV: Watch Maulana W. Khan

Maria Khan: Islam for Kids | ETV Urdu | Sunday 9.00 a.m. IST Maulana W. Khan: Rahnuma-e-Hayat | ETV Urdu | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5.30 a.m. IST


Urdu Magazine: Al-Risala

Al-Risala is the monthly voice of the mission that MaulanaWahiduddin Khan launched in 1976 to give full expression to positive ideas. The journal, consisting entirely of his own articles, quickly acquired a wide circulation throughout the Urdu-speaking world, and has done much to make people understand the peaceful face of Islam.

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English Magazine: Spirit of Islam

This is a magazine for the discerning individual, who stops to contemplate the myriad multitude of choices available, before deciding on a course of action. It aims at helping individuals discover, for themselves, answers to their questions on life and beyond — questions that have always confronted us which we have largely ignored as we continue our race towards material gain.

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Book: A Treasury of the Quran

This book provides an introduction to Islam, which is derived directly from the original, revealed source. No interpretation or commentary has been added. The verses which have been selected for this book describe various fundamental aspects of this life in the Qur'an's inimitable style.

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Article: Form and Spirit of Ramadan

According to Islamic teachings, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Hijra calendar, is the month of fasting. Fasting is a universal practice. The Quran mentions that fasting was a common practice in all religions: "Believers, fasting has been prescribed for you, just as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may guard yourselves against evil" (2:183).

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Daily Quote and Weekly Blog

A tree stands above the ground, fixing its roots firmly beneath the ground. It grows from beneath, upwards into the air; it does not start at the top and grow downwards. The tree is our teacher, imparting to us the lesson of nature that if we seek to progress outwardly, we must first strengthen ourselves inwardly.

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How can man, idealist by nature, live in this imperfect world so that he may be selected for paradise? This is not a contradiction. As far as your being is concerned, you must live as an idealist. But when you are amidst others, then you should be pragmatic and accommodating.                                     

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