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  The Spiritual Goal of Islam
What is the spiritual goal of Islam? That is, what is that spiritual target which Islam sets before man? The answer in the words of the Qur'an is: 'A soul at rest' (89:27). Thus the spiritual goal of Islam is to attain this state of peace in the soul.
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  Simple Living, High Thinking
One's spiritual journey demands a change in lifestyle. This lifestyle for a spiritual traveler may be put briefly in these words: 'Simple living and high thinking.' 'Simple living', means limiting one's worldly requirements to the minimum, assiduously avoiding comfort and luxury. 'High thinking', means that by engaging one's mind in higher realities, one becomes a recipient of divine inspiration.
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The Poorest of All: He who has no mission in life is the poorest of all.
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Such are those who have taken misguidance in exchange for guidance; but their bargain does not profit them, nor have they found true guidance. (2:16)
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  Book of the Month
In The True Jihad, the author, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, states that peace is the only religion for both man and the universe. In a peaceful environment all good things are possible, whereas in the absence of peace, we cannot achieve anything of a positive nature. Through this book, the author proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Islam and violence are contradictory to each other. Islam claims to be an eternal religion and violence as a principle is totally alien to the scheme of things in Islam.
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