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  Leaflet: The Crisis of Muslims
Muslims of the present day generally see themselves as the victims of plots and targets of the violence of their “enemies”. The Quran rejects this theory, saying, 'And never will God allow non-believers to harm the believers.' (4:141). Then what is the reason for the Muslims' present plight? In another verse the Quran, in response to this question, has this to say: 'Whatever misfortune befalls you is of your own doing.' (42:30). Now the question arises as to what is the real cause of the problems being faced by the Muslims in present times. This is the answer given by the Quran: 'O Prophet, deliver what has been sent down to you by your Lord. If you do not do so, you will not have conveyed His message. God will protect you from the people.' (5:67)
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  Article: No Thought Crime
January 15, 2012, The Speaking Tree
Salman Rushdie is once again in the news. Born in India and now settled in the UK, he has been invited to the Jaipur Literature Festival that is being held from January 20 to 24. On hearing of this, a Muslim religious organisation reacted by issuing a statement demanding that the government of India should not allow Rushdie’s entry into India. According to them, he has committed blasphemy in his book The Satanic Verses, and his visit to India will hurt the sentiments of Muslims here. According to my way of thinking, the demand by this Muslim group is completely uncalled for. They have the right to stop Rushdie from coming to their own campus, but they have no right to ban his entry into Indian soil.
  Video: Idealism versus Practical Wisdom
In his talk, the Maulana explains that he has learnt from his experiences that human life is one percent idealism and ninety-nine percent practical wisdom. This is because one can be an idealist as an individual but when he wants to create an ideal world or society, he fails because every man is Mr. and Ms. Different; all of them harbour different desires. To bring into being an ideal society, all its inhabitants will have to be made like-minded. Considering the limited lifespan of man, how will the entire mankind be made ideal? He further explains that practical wisdom is the ability to differentiate between the achievable and the not achievable. The biggest loss of failing to differentiate between the two approaches is that it leads to stagnation of thinking process and does not allow peaceful thinking.
  Audio: Building a Creative Personality
In his talk, the Maulana explains that the term ‘creative thinking’ refers to thinking in a different way or a new way. He explains that man always encounters new challenges and situations in life, and as such, he needs to think and re-think. Taking the example of Japan the Maulana explains that life encourages man to inculcate the ability to think differently and to re-look at the present set of circumstances with a different lens. Not doing so, leads to stagnation of thinking process.
  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
God-Oriented Life: The movement of the earth around the sun is essential for the healthy functioning of life on earth. If the earth did not revolve around the sun, its existence would have no meaning, and life would come to an end. This example is indeed a physical demonstration that shows how man must revolve around God, just as the earth revolves around the sun.
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  Maulana Khan on the Speaking Tree Website
The Speaking Tree website provides a meeting ground for seekers to discuss belief systems, religious conviction, psychological impact of faith and rituals in a non-religious context with spiritual gurus, spiritual mentors, and spiritual leaders around the world. The objective of the website is to encourage spiritual conversations. To follow the Maulana, CLICK HERE.
  Book of the Month: The Alarm of Doomsday
According to Islam the end of the world will come on Doomsday. On that day, this world will come to an end. On Doomsday God will unravel all veils. Then all things that were hidden and unseen from view will appear as clear as daylight. This will be the Day of Judgement when no action done in the world will remain hidden. Even a tiny good deed or bad deed done in the world will appear as plain as daylight. On this day, and all moral and virtuous men will be rewarded for their good deeds, whatsoever they may have been; and all immoral men will be doomed for their bad deeds, whatsoever they may have been.
  The Chanakya Forum
Q. The government has proposed up to 100 per cent FDI in retail markets in India. However, several state governments are opposed to this. What is your view on this? Application of FDI in Indian markets is but natural. It is a price that India is bound to pay. After over 60 years of freedom, India failed to produce standard commodities. You cannot compel the peopl le to live with sub-standard commodities forever. Now, we have only two options -- either tolerate unlawful smuggling of foreign goods or lawfully allow foreign goods inside the country. There is, practically, no third option. To put a hold on FDI, we have to produce goods of high standard, which will prove to be a natural check; no legal provision can check this process.
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