Article: Blasphemy and the Islamic Way
In the Islamic scriptures, the Quran and the Hadith, there is no such injunction to deliver physical punishment to one who commits blasphemy. This law was only made during the Abbasid period and is an expression of the imperatives of that period. At that time, the Muslims had established their empire and were in political supremacy. Due to their sense of pride at having accomplished this, they made such a law. But it was a clear innovation. And according to the Hadith, every innovation in the religion of Islam must needs be rejected.
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  Video: The Principle of Avoidance
In his talk, the Maulana explains that practising avoidance is a wise way of managing familial, societal, national, and international affairs. Unawareness of this principle is in effect unawareness of the Creation Plan of God. Through illustrations, he elaborates that man must follow this rule to be successful in life as adopting the policy of avoidance paves way for availing opportunities.
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  Audio: Art of Crisis Management
In his talk, quoting extensively from the Quran and Hadith, the Maulana explains that in order to manage a crisis situation, Islam proffers a two-point guidance. The first approach pertains to proactively deterring the likelihood of such a situation by adopting suitable course of action and resorting to safeguards. The second approach ordains how in event of its occurrence, such a situation may be managed.
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  Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's Blog
The Will to Unite: The feelings of love which cement family life can be brought into being in social life through conscious deliberations. Unity can spring from a human awakening to its ultimate necessity. Where family life is governed by the heart, social life is governed by the will. There is nothing that cannot be endured for the sake of unity, provided there is the will to achieve it.
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  Quran online
"When Jesus perceived their denial, he said, 'Who will be my helpers in God's cause?' The disciples said, 'We are God's helpers, we believe in God. Bear witness that we have surrendered ourselves." -- The Quran (3:52)
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  Book of the Month
Islam Rediscovered: Discovering Islam from its Original Sources presents Islam as it is, drawing on its original sources rather than judging it by the later day interpretations and commentaries or the practices of present day Muslims in different parts of the world. A distinction is made between Islam as presented by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions (information about which is available to us in the Qur'an and the sunnah) and Islam as represented by later Muslim generations - both in theory and practice. This is what we call the scientific approach
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Q. How should we save ourselves from bad habits?
A. There is no mysterious method for this purpose. Activate your mind against that evil. The mind is the source of all kinds of desires. So, you have to train your mind, and then the mind itself will control all those evils. At present your evil switch is on, develop the will power and then the mind will put it off. And then certainly you will be saved from committing all those evils.
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