Islam and Spirituality

Is there any easy way for one to attain spirituality?

The words 'easy' and 'difficult' are irrelevant in this regard. The right question is whether spirituality is achievable or not. If a person is serious about seeking spirituality, he will surely be able to achieve his goal.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is not something mysterious. According to my experience, spirituality is a mind based discipline rather than a heart based discipline. According to this definition, it is contemplation rather than meditation that leads to acquiring true spiritual knowledge.

What is the spirit of Salah, Namaz?

The spirit of Salah, manifested in the daily five times prayers, is humility. A man performing the salah bows before his Creator and thereby creates a sense of humility within himself. A man who is fired by this spirit, will be devoid of pride and ego. He will develop a quality of humility and will be far removed from false sense of pride and importance.

What is the spirit of Zakat?

The manifestation of zakat is giving a fixed amount in alms annually, but the spirit behind is the service of mankind. A man who gives alms will develop a zeal in himself to do good to the others. He would like to live a life which is most useful to the others.

What is the spirit of Hajj?

The manifestation of Hajj is the annual ritual. But its spirit is the unity and solidarity. A man who performs the Hajj in its real spirit, will do away with the feelings of opposition. He will live in unity and harmony even in the face of provocation.

What is the spirit of Fasting, Roza?

The inner spirit of the outer manifestation of fasting in the month of Ramzan is to endure. A man who keeps fast will soon learn to tolerate even unpleasant situations. He will ignore what may be objectionable and concentrate on positive aspects of the matter.

Those who adhere to these five pillars of Islam only to the extent of their manifestations, will find that their lives are devoid of the spirit of these pillars.

What is Islamic teaching on the customer complaint on any business and how Islam should resolve such complaint?

If the complaint of the customer is genuine, then it must be addressed in every system, including Islam.

Due to considering of items of comfort and luxury as “need” we remain distracted. How to differentiate among them?

This is something that each person knows himself. When you want more than need, it has a price and the price is that you cannot attain a great feat. You would remain engulfed in luxury. A man of mission likes simplicity and remains content on need. I once visited Rajasthan where I came to know about a person who had opened a new hospital for patients of Tuberculosis. The hospital was amidst lush gardens. I decide to visit him.

How can we become so magnanimous that we forgive everyone?

It is a matter of thinking; this is what determines your personality and actions. Your thinking process should be directed onto the right path.