Islamic Ethics

Why is it that Islam allows revenge when harm is inflicted to a person?

According to Islam, the first choice for such a person is to forgive the person who inflicted harm. Revenge is the second option. However, there is a condition to taking this second option. Revenge cannot be taken on one's own from the person who has caused harm. One should refer one's case to an established court and ask for justice. After the judicial enquiry and hearing of witnesses, the court will issues its order. Then, the person who has inflicted harm will be punished according to law.

What is more important love or religion?

Both love and religion are equally important. In terms of human relationship, love is important, while in terms of relationship with God, religion is important. 

What is Islamic view on Miserliness?

Miserliness is a relative term. If one pays all of his monetary dues according to Islam, and at the same time he leads a very simple life, then this is a case of simple of living and not a case of miserliness. But, if one fails to pay his monetary dues and at the same times he lives as a miser, then this kind of behaviour is unwanted in Islam. It is selfishness, and selfishness, according to Islam, is an evil behaviour.

What is a good character?

In social sense, good character is “predictable” character. That is, other members of the society are able to predict the response of such a person. It means that people know that if such a person is trustworthy and will not commit fraud. If he is criticized, he would not be angry. Instead he would remain patient and reflect. Such level of predictability would make an individual a good character in the society.

Please clarify the concept of gratitude.

Gratitude is a vast concept. That I am thirsty and drink water, I would feel grateful but I think modern-day science has given man a gigantic framework of thanksgiving. For example, earlier man could only drink water and thank God for it but modern-science made it known to man that to cater to his fresh water requirements, God put in place a complete rain cycle. The original source of this water is the saltwater stored in the seas and oceans.

What is self-respect? Is it a quality?

Self-respect is not a quality; it is a beautiful name of arrogance. The most important quality of man is modesty. 

Our society has become right-conscious. How should we make people duty-conscious?

Our responsibility is not to make people right-conscious but to make them duty-conscious. When man will fulfil his duty, right shall follow automatically. Islamic rule is that if you arise for right it will only lead to conflict. According to a Hadith:

                Give to others what is due to others; ask for your rights from God. (Al Bukhari)

Is God’s mercy for the merciful?

The answer can be found in the following saying of the Prophet: “God will not show mercy to one who does not show mercy to his fellow-men.”

What is Islam’s view on patience?

A western commentator, William Patron, has observed: One of the fruits of Islam has been that stubborn durable patience which comes out of the submission to the absolute will of God.

This observation is indeed very apt. Islam attaches great importance to patience. Most of the verses of the Qur’an have a bearing, directly or indirectly, upon this virtue. In truth, patience is an attribute without which the very thought of Islam is unimaginable.