Understanding Islam

Does Islam allow Muslims in a Muslim-majority country to elect a non-Muslim as governor?

The answer to your question is that in Islam there is no absolute model for political rule. The Islamic form of government depends upon the circumstances. Government, according to Islam, will be decided by the circumstances. According to Islam, political form is not a part of belief. It is the prevailing situation that will determine the type of political form that has to be adopted. 

Why Muslims should not treat non-Muslim as equal?

Equal treatment of all human beings is a universal norm. Islam also accepts it. Anyone who speaks against this is not speaking in accordance with Islam, but that will be regarded as his own opinion.

Please clarify ' why Islam /Koran commands that Muslims cannot accept citizenship of non Islamic countries?

It is the wrong concept. It is not an Islamic concept. According to Islam, the homeland is the basis of citizenship. Any person, Muslim or non-Muslim, is the citizen of the country in which he lives. Citizenship is not a religious matter, it is a national matter.

If Someone doesn't pray, does he becomes Infidel and should he be Killed. Is this correct?

It is completely wrong. Prayer is a matter between God and man. It is God who will decide regarding both reward and punishment. It is God's domain. Man has no right to decide about anyone's faith, it is beyond his jurisdiction. 

Do i need to convey the truth that i have discovered.

You must advise to your relatives the same path through which you received the truth. First of all, provide them with reading material. If there is some scholar available to address their minds, then make them meet him. And lastly, pray for them.

How do you explain Quranic verses like: ‘Kill them wherever you find them.’ (2:191)

Referring to such verses, there are some who attempt to give the impression that Islam is a religion of war and violence. This is totally untrue. Such verses relate in a restricted sense, to those who have unilaterally attacked the Muslims. The above verse does not convey the general command of Islam. The truth of the matter is that the Quran was not revealed in the complete form in which it exists today. It was revealed from time to time, according to the circumstances, over a time span of 23 years.

Is there any condition in which Islam allows war?

Islam does give permission to do battle. But such permission is given only in the case of an attack by opponents in spite of the policy of avoidance being followed by the Muslims, thus creating a situation where self-defense is required. The Quran has this to say: “Permission to take up arms is hereby given to those who are attacked because they have been wronged” (22:38). At another place the Quran gives a valid reason for fighting: “They were the first to attack you” (9:13).

Is non-state warfare allowed in Islam?

This Islamic principle is that there is no room for non-state warfare, which is what we generally call guerrilla war. A guerrilla war is fought by individuals and individual organizations, not by the State.

As a general principle, the Quran tells us that, even where an external attack is feared, the common man should not act independently, but should take the matter to the ruler, and then under his guidance take proper counter measures. (4:83).

The Hadith also states that ‘the ruler is a shield, fighting is done under him, and security is attained through him.’

What is Islam’s position on Satanic Verses, Taslima Nasreen and the cartoon issue?

On the publication of the Satanic verses by Salman Rushdie, the Muslim reaction was to have him killed forthwith; he had committed an unpardonable offense against Islam and the Prophet. All over the world, Muslims demanded his head. They were not prepared to settle for anything less than that. In a similar incident, when the Denmark cartoon was published, the Muslims reacted in much the same manner.