Interfaith Understanding

What are your views on people of one faith learning from another?

I am a great believer of scientific dialogue. By scientific dialogue, I mean free exchange between two different minds, without there being any reservations. I believe in difference. I respect dissent. I am a great advocate of free intellectual discussion with an objective mind and without any preoccupations.

Why Can't a Muslim Girl marry a Non Muslim or vice a versa. ?

It is not a matter of conversion, rather it is a matter of cultural harmony. Success in marriage depends on cultural harmony. Due to this, Islam prefers that marriage must be organized between two such partners who have cultural harmony between them. Cultural harmony is the only bond that guarantees success in marriage.

In Quran Allah says there is no compulsion in deen (2:256) then why is it that Kafir get punishment.

According to the Quran and Hadith there is no punishment for kafir or murtadd or anyone else. Freedom is the unconditional right of every human being. Some Muslims speak about punishment, but it has nothing to do with the Quran and Hadith.

Why Muslims should not treat non-Muslim as equal?

Equal treatment of all human beings is a universal norm. Islam also accepts it. Anyone who speaks against this is not speaking in accordance with Islam, but that will be regarded as his own opinion.

Please clarify ' why Islam /Koran commands that Muslims cannot accept citizenship of non Islamic countries?

It is the wrong concept. It is not an Islamic concept. According to Islam, the homeland is the basis of citizenship. Any person, Muslim or non-Muslim, is the citizen of the country in which he lives. Citizenship is not a religious matter, it is a national matter.

Who is responsible for violence in Palestine?

There is a verse in the Quran: "Whatever misfortune befalls you is of your own doing." (42:30). This verse gives us a universal law of nature. According to it, you have to do introspection and find out our own fault. According to my experience, all the responsibility lies with the Arabs. They are going against the divine scheme of things. God wants them to engage in the dawah culture, but they have engaged themselves in the fighting culture. So, they are paying the price of this. A verse of the Quran relevant in this regard is: "Believers!

My fiancé insists that after marriage I (New Muslim) should snap relationship with my parents even though they are fine of my marrying into a Muslim family. Is this correct as per Islam.?

The boy's family has put up a wrong condition. The stand of the boy's family is wrong. One shouldn't keep relation with one's family only if they prevent one from following Islam. If they do not put obstacles in your following Islam, then you can maintain normal relations with them. This principle is derived from the following verse of the Quran: "We have enjoined man to show kindness to his parents. But if they bid you associate with me something about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them." (29:8).

Should Quran be distributed among Non Muslims as there is a fear that they might disgrace the Quran?

This kind of doubt is totally wrong, and also against the spirit of the age. This age is the age of respect and tolerance. We are distributing the Quran on a large scale, and our distributors have never reported such an incident. On the contrary, our distributors tell us that those who are given the Quran receive it with great respect and thankfulness. According to our knowledge, all those so-called events of disrespect were nothing but rumours. Muslims acted against those events of disgrace of the Quran without inquiring into them.

Can we greet Non-Muslim with Islamic word "Assalamuallikum"

Yes, there is no restriction in this regard. Assalamualaykum is common for all, both Muslims and non-Muslims.