Family Life

Is marriage in the same religion a pre-requisite to Happy Life ?

Happy life is not a result of religious identity. There are ample examples where husband and wife were of the same religion but there were serious problems that consequently led to separation. In fact, the formula of happy married life is adjustment. Difference is a part of life. Learn the art of living with differences and you will surely enjoy a happy life. Make difference a point of discussion and intellectual development rather than of quarrel and alienation.

Why does Islam consider men Qawwam over women?

The Quran says that men are Qawwam (maintainers) of women (4:34). This leads to a common misconception that Islam gives a higher status to men than women. According to this verse of the Quran, it does not mean that men have a distinctive status over women – being maintainers of women has never been intended as a form of discriminatory treatment, it rather concerns the practical management of the home, for which the man is held responsible. However, this does not mean that a woman will never be allowed to shoulder these responsibilities.

Why are women not allowed to work in Islam?

This is a common misconception in Islam. In fact, in the early period of Islam, both the sexes were fully active in different fields of life, from housework to agriculture and horticulture; and from worship in the mosque to the battleground. Everywhere women were visible and active. Gradually there came about a division of labour, which is justifiable not only biologically and physiologically, but also in terms of the ensuing social benefits.

Can you explain the following tradition of the Prophet: “Men and Women are two equal halves of a single unit.

According to this tradition, although males and females differ from one another biologically, they are equal in terms of human status. No distinction is made between women and men as regards their respective rights.

Man and woman in the eyes of Islam then are not the duplicates of one another, but the complements. This concept permits the shortcomings of one sex to be compensated for by the strengths of the other. This is all to the good if they are to be lifetime companions.

What rights does Islam accord to women?

In Islam, a woman enjoys the same status as that of a man. But in ancient times, women had come to be considered inferior and were deprived, among other things, of the right to inherit property. Islam for the first time in human history gave them their due legal rights over property. Neither did it distinguish between men and women as regards status, rights and blessings, both in this world and the Hereafter. Both were considered equal participants in the carrying out of the functions of daily living.

Does Islam grant respect to women?

I would say that Islam grants even more respect to women than to men. According to one Hadith a man once came to the Prophet and asked him who rightfully deserved the best treatment from him.

“Your mother,” said the Prophet. “Who’s next?” asked the man. “Your mother.” “Who comes next?” the man asked again. The Prophet again replied, “Your mother.” “Who is after that?” insisted the man. “Your father,” said the Prophet.

How should we save the upcoming generations from widespread evil?

Parents play the key role in destroying their own children. They provide easy money, which is the root cause of all evils. Parents cannot blame anyone else because they are responsible themselves.

What is the formula for peaceful living in a joint family?

This is a common complaint in joint families. In blood ties, when differences emerge, which is almost daily, are managed. But when the ties are not of blood, and differences emerge, then it is difficult to manage them. Marriage happens outside ties of blood. Now in joint family, mother in-law and wife develop differences as difference is a part of life. Then, the wife would want that when she complains to the husband, the husband should side with her. When he is not able to do so, she develops feelings against them. In this case, the responsibility is 50-50.

How should parents train their children?

It is a two point formula: First, parents must change themselves. Then, parents should try to understand the mind of their children and prepare themselves to address the mind of the children rationally. Simply the language of dos and donts will not suffice.