Is taking up a course in B.Com and related Subject considered Unlawful or Haram in Islam?

This subject is completely lawful. You should certainly study B.Com and score good marks. Those who say that studying B.Com is haram or unlawful are themselves saying something unlawful. You should not be concerned about people who speak like this and should devote yourself entirely to studies.

What is Islam’s position on gaining knowledge.

Then the first word revealed in the form of the Quran was ‘Iqra’ (96:1). The fourth verse of the first revelation forming part of the chapter Al-Qalam has this to say:

“God has taught man by the pen.” (96:4)

We find more than 1500 derivatives and synonyms of the word Ilm, that is, knowledge. It becomes easy to understand in the light of this how the revelation of the Quran in this almost illiterate nation of Arabia set off such a wave of receiving and imparting education, which can rightly be called a learning explosion.

Does Islam produce an uneducated society?

The Quran and Hadith both hold men of knowledge superior to the ignorant. (39:9) The books of hadith have a whole lengthy chapter devoted to the importance of knowledge, and the rewards of teaching and learning.

For instance, there is a tradition that one who treads a path in search of knowledge has his way paved to paradise by God as a reward for this noble deed (Bukhari, Muslim)

In a tradition recorded by Tirmidhi, angels in heaven, fish in the water and ants in their dwellings pray for the well-being of a seeker of knowledge.

What is the importance of knowledge for Muslims?

Knowledge is of two distinct kinds: that which we have been blessed with in the Qur‘an and the Hadith, and that which we acquire as a result of our own research and endeavour. The first kind acquaints us with our Lord, and makes plain the issues to be faced in the everlasting world, which awaits us after death. More important, it shows us how, in the course of our present life, we may prepare ourselves to meet those issues. The second kind of knowledge provides solutions to the social and economic problems, which we encounter in everyday life.

What is the Quranic view point of learning?

The Quran, in fact, has given a new outlook, a new perspective or paradigm as coined by Thomas Kahn (The Structure of Scientific Revolution, 1955). According to this Quranic paradigm, man’s most important activity being intellectual contemplation or reflection, he was not supposed to blindly follow any idea or notion just because it was attributed to his ancestors or some other authority. He had to ponder on it critically and realistically.

What is the Islamic view on learning?

 Islam attaches such great importance to learning that the Quran has this to say:

“It is the men of knowledge who can truly realise God.” (35:28)

Please enlighten me about the concept of knowledge as propounded in the Quran or other religious book of Islam.

For knowing the theory of knowledge according to the Quran, you have to study this verse: “Bring me a Book revealed before this or some other vestige of knowledge, if you are telling the truth.” (46:4). 

Why do Muslim clerics not realize that education alone can help fight ignorance and false propaganda?

Present-day clerics are no different from the common man, they too have become emotional. A cleric called me and told that another cleric said in a speech, “If you disrespect me, I would say nothing, if you disrespect Muslims, we would say nothing but if you disrespect the Prophet, we would not be able to bear it!” Throughout the world, I have not found any cleric who is an exception to this because all are seething with negative emotions.

Does Islam produce an uneducated society?

Contrary to the misconception that Islam produces an uneducated society, Islam lays utmost importance to education and obtaining of knowledge.

The importance of education in Islam can be seen from the prayer given in the following verse of the Quran:

“My Lord! Increase me in Knowledge.” (20:114)

The mission of the Prophet of Islam has been introduced in the Quran at more than one place as an Instructor of the Book and giver of wisdom. Here is a verse from the Quran: